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High Security Steel Door & Frame Sets
This lift motor room area was a constant target for vandalism and pirate radio broadcasts. It has now been over 2 years since we supplied and fitted our own "Unique" style of high security steel door and all broadcasts and vandalism has ceased. A standard feature of our high security steel doors are heavy duty hinges and hinge bolts. We do not fit d-handles to external motor room doors as these can be used for leverage to force open locking mechanisms. We only fit round welded steel handles to prevent the all important leading edge of the door from damage/vandalism. We are also looking into an Electro Magnetic security system for lift motor rooms/ access areas with ongoing vandalism/forced entry problems.
High Security Steel Access Hatches/Safety Rails
This site was prone to forced entry and vandalism and was a source of continued expense to the local borough. Since fitting "Unique's" steel access hatches and frame sets there have been no further intrusions. We do not fit the cheapest access hatches available but we do believe it's false economy to fit cheap examples. We do it right and we do it once. Safety rails were also fitted as, due to the unusual layout and restricted foot space around the open hatch area, there was a danger of serious injury. The motor room access route is now much easier and safer as all rails/hand rails were fitted according to the borough lift inspector specific request and dimensions.
Madam Tussauds
Among our many and varied services, we also undertake prestigious works that have recently included a full interior/external clean down of "The Drum" lift shaft. The shaft is constructed of circular glass sections interwoven with a tubular steel construction. To reduce lift downtime work was undertaken out of hours minimising disruption and loss of client revenue. One more example or our Unique range of services and flexibility of working towards clients requests.
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